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hey guys i just received the mail from my university listing out the documents that need to be carried to the ILP center.herez the list..hpe its useful.

the list is quite long.its gonna put u on sneakers for smetime.nyways itz exciting.

NOTE: pls don leave behind anything

1.1-8 sem marksheet (attested xerox + original)

2. consolidated marksheet (attested xerox + original)

3. transfer certificate (attested xerox + original)

4.provisional degree (attested xerox + original)

5.10th(X-th) marksheet (attested xerox + original)

6.12th(XII-th) marksheet (attested xerox + original)

7.Birth Certificate( attested xerox + original)

if in case u don’t have your birth certificate u have to get an affidavit from a lawyer towards ur birth place and date of birth (affidavit should be in a 20 rupees Indian non-judicial stamp paper bought in ur name)
(NOTE: any other proof is useless in TCS they are very specific about this Birth certificate or affidavit)

8.passport,pan card (attested xerox + original),(not mandotry to have it),

9.An affidavit from a lawyer that there are no criminal cases pending against in u (affidavit should be in a 20 rupees Indian non-judicial stamp paper bought in ur name).

10.ur service agreement in a 100 rupees Indian non judicial stamp paper.
(NOTE: In the service agreement u have to get a surety for the payment of 50,000. the person who gives this
surety must be an income tax payer)

11.Form 16 of the surety giver’s attested xeror must be brought and attested passport xerox of the surety
giver or PAN card attested xerox of the surety giver must also be brought. these are the supporting documents for ur service agreement and are mandatory

12. call letter and offer letter

13. formal dress is a must inside the training campus. better have atleast six set of formal dresses.(for gents full slag formal shirt ,formal pant, leather shoes ,belt, tie is must).

14.after receiving your call letter u’ll have to send the acceptance copy of the call letter to mumbai.

its better to send the accepatance copy by speed post and send by using thick brown cover or cloth attached a4 cover.

15.Date of birth and other details of the person you would like to nominate for Gratuity, superannuation, Provident Fund and Health Insurance Scheme.

Note: The Originals of these documents along with one set of attested photocopies of each needs to provided on joining for ILP: The original documents stated above will be returned to you after scrutiny. You should necessarily have completed all course formalities, including Project Work and viva from your respective Institute before you report for the ILP. No leave is permissible during the ILP.

16.12 passport size photographs



  1. well Ritesh, thanx a ton mate…Since I havent received the call letter, I was unaware about the precise list of things they ask for @ILP. Hats off to you mate 4 taking the trouble to list all these things!!This will indeed help us a lot!!

  2. ur are welcome bro…
    and thanks for visiting my blog and taking the pain in posting comments..:)
    hope to meet u soon bro..:)

  3. Nice info regardings the documents !!! I too got selected in TCS… They came 4 verification yesterday… Do u v any idea when i would get my call leteer ??

  4. thanks for ur comments prabhakaran…:)
    which coll do u cme frm…?
    u will be informed abt the joining date through mail 20 days prior to the date.

    the joining dates will depend on the the college you come from…the dates almost coincide with the dates that ur coll seniors received in the previous academic year.

    you can contact the TCS ppl regarding the same…
    u can mail them at

  5. hey thanks a lot

  6. ur welcome sandhya…:)

  7. how long is the training?heard its 1 month for cs/it streams and 2-3 for non cs/it streams..

  8. no dude that was the old pattern i guess…
    now its changed…
    everyone gets trained for the same period whether be it it guys or non it guys…

    the training is given in three phases..

    the first phase is for 23 days(excluding sundays).its is given in the training center.
    the second phase is a domain specific training and is given in the place where you are posted to after the completion of the first phase

  9. hi didnt collect my provisional and 8yh semister is it not sufficient if v have course completion certificate..for joinin in ilp???am frm vit mechhh

  10. hi swagath….
    no dude…you need to hav your provisionals…we met a tcs hr guy the other day in chennai…he was saying tht everything depends on our ilp coordinator…if hez sme kind of moron…he will definitely screw us…better to collect them b4 u join the ILP…
    a course completion certi may act as stand by….
    btw whenz ur joining date…??

  11. that was priceless…

  12. thanks a lot asha…:)

  13. hey…. thanks a lot.. its a great help ..thanks again!!

  14. ur welcome..:D

  15. thanks for the info dude…i wish they post me in my desired place chennai…..

  16. thanks 4 d info
    my father does is not income tax payee bcoz his business is not so good.
    he has a pan card.
    will dere be any problem if i make father as a surety?

  17. thanks a ton dude!!!!!! n more over i jus wanted know to whether TCS supports higher studies especially for MS??

  18. Nice info regardings the documents !!! my son too got selected in TCS… They came 4 verification lastweek… Do u v any idea when i would get my son call letter ??

  19. @ syed
    ya he can be a surety for you ude…

  20. @ venkat

    ya…it supports dude…but only after two years..:)

  21. @ saifa

    thanks sir.the call letters would be sent on the basis of the college ranking from which the person has may also coincide with the joining date of their seniors

  22. thanks year for this information.

  23. I am from Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering college, Kodambakkam!! My BGC check got over in d first week of july!! But yet to get d call letter from them!!

  24. nice man when are u joining tcs ? mail me dude keep updating info if u get any thing regarding doj and ilp…… :)…see u soon

    • srilekha krishnan
    • Posted September 27, 2008 at 8:39 am
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    hey,i am waiting for my joining date.i am from Sir CRR College of engineering of Andhra University.Can you by any way tell me when they will call?do you know win which ranking my college is so i can anticipate my call letter?i will be grateful to you.thank you.

  25. hello
    i did my engg from IES IPS ACADEMY , INDORE(M.P)
    can i know whn wld i b gttng a call for joining
    my ips status is yet to be batched

  26. thnks dude…
    this really priceless info..
    can u please clarify tht whether there should be self attested photocopies of documents or should be attested by govt. officer ..

  27. hi.really ur doing a good job..cos its so helpful for the people those who r yet to join@tcs..n my qn s in my collge, all studnts got a mail regrdin medical checkup report but me and 3 of my frens dint.i thought it may be cos of v 4 did med chek in chennai not together wit our coleg..s it so??is ther may any problem in receiving cal letter too??pls clear me..thank u..

  28. gr8 job buddy.. jus keep updatin..

  29. i need the format of affidavit
    can any one send to my mail?
    my mail id is

  30. Hey thanks a ton again!!! Its really nice of u to have done so, its helps all of us. I’m gettin into TCS in a month and this was of great help to me 🙂

  31. its a great work dude..thanks alot

  32. wt about the tenative joining date of 2009 pass out batch
    dou hav any idea?

  33. can u plz let me know…what is the tentative date of joining for vit vellore.2009 pass out…..and till now there is no news for medical check up also….can it be in this quater?

  34. Look for more tcs ilp details on to stay updated

  35. Do the students who have done Biotechnology have a different training Because they have not done computers during their undergraduate training.

    • NO…its the same….until 2008.
      not sure abt this year as the ilp curriculum changes depending on the circumstances

  36. please do clear my doubt..

    Im, born in saudi arabia and after 3 months came to india and brought up here.. I hav the original birth certificate issued by the HOSPITAL which is in ARABIC and also hav valid passport.. I’ll b joining tcs this yr,but as i dont hav original Birth certificate issued by government will that b a problem 4 my job??

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